NO application, registration or annual fees

  • Enjoy our competitive pricing with NO upfront fees or charges
  • Free to make a partnership (third party co-provider) application
  • Only pay for students who have completed training after the course has been delivered
  • CPR course from as little as $8 per student
  • Credit card and invoice payment options available
  • Start earning money from your very first course
  • Enjoy discounted training and first aid supplies

We don’t charge any upfront or yearly costs to partners. There is no application fee, no yearly membership fee, and no upfront payments or credits. The only cost you will pay is per person you train and this is paid AFTER you have delivered the course. After all, you don't really know how many course participants there will be until the day of training. Here is how it works...

  • Your investment is $180.00 ($18 per person)*
  • You charge $110.00 per student
  • $1100.00 less $180.00 = $920.00
  • Your profit = $920.00

* Based on a First Aid class of 10 students

View our Training Partnership Courses and Pricing page for a full list of prices

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